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Function Removes turbidity and floating matters. Installed in an outlet of a pre-treatment filter to remove corpuscles after backwashing Simple to change as a cartridge type filter.
Used Filter Micro Filter (0.5, 1, 5, 10, 20㎛)
Use Pre-treatment of underground water having numerous floating matters and a water treatment system
Types Depth Type, Wound Type
Model Name Flux Filter
Size Bore Material Quality
 CHPM-1B1 0.5Ton/Hr 1ea 110φX350H 1/2"~1" PolyPropylene
 CHPM-1B2 1Ton/Hr 1ea 110φX600H 1/2"~1" PolyPropylene
 CHPM-3D2 3~4Ton/Hr 3ea 210φX800H 40A (1 1/2") STS304
 CHPM-3D3 4~5Ton/Hr 3ea 210φX1000H 40A (1 1/2") STS304
 CHPM-6D2 6~9Ton/Hr 6ea 300φX800H 50A (2") STS304
 CHPM-6D3 9~12Ton/Hr 6ea 300φX1000H 50A (2") STS304
 CHPM-10D2 10~15Ton/Hr 10ea 360φX800H 65A (2 1/2") STS304
 CHPM-10D3 10~20Ton/Hr 10ea 360φX1000H 65A (2 1/2") STS304
 CHPM-14SL2 14~21Ton/Hr 14ea 420φX800H 100A (4") STS304
 CHPM-14SL3 21~28Ton/Hr 14ea 420φX1000H 100A (4") STS304
 CHPM-30SL2 30~45Ton/Hr 30ea 600φX800H 125A (5") STS304
 CHPM-30SL3 45~60Ton/Hr 30ea 600φX1100H 125A (5") STS304
 CHPM-40SL2 40~60Ton/Hr 40ea 650φX800H 150A (6") STS304
 CHPM-40SL3 60~80Ton/Hr 40ea 650φX1100H 150A (6") STS304
 CHPM-50SL2 50~75Ton/H 50ea 700φX800H 150A (6") STS304
 CHPM-50SL2 75~100Ton/H 50ea 700φX1100H 150A (6") STS304
 CHPM-60SL2 60~90Ton/H 60ea 800φX900H 200A (8") STS304
 CHPM-60SL3 90~120Ton/H 60ea 800φX1100H 200A (8") STS304
 CHPM-80SL2 80~120Ton/H 80ea 850φX900H 200A (8") STS304
 CHPM-80SL3 120~160Ton/H 80ea 850φX1100H 200A (8") STS304
 CHPM-100SL2 100~150Ton/H 100ea 1000φX900H 200A (8") STS304
 CHPM-100SL3 150~200Ton/H 100ea 1000φX1100H 200A (8") STS304
- Cartridge Length: 1(250L), 2(500L), 3(750L)
- Contents of the above table are subject to change according to conditions (granularity, pressure,
   filtering medium, etc.)
   (The above capacity is based on CARTRIDGE: 5μ, and water)