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Function As an apparatus that removes total harness components (Ca2+, Mg2+ ,etc.) contained in water to turn hard water to soft water, it prevents scale from being formed in a tube and a boiler to protect the system and enhance thermal efficiency, and it performs recirculation with salt water.
Used Material Strong Acid Cation Exchanger
Use Showering water - Public bath, sauna, fomenting room, motel, hotel, etc.
Industrial water - R/O pre-treatment system such as water supply to a boiler, dye water, and other life water
Metathesis Equation R-(SO3Na)2 + Ca(HCO3)2 → R-(SO3)2Ca + 2NaHCO3                       
R-(SO3Na)2 + MgSO4    → R-(SO3)2Mg + Na2SO3
Regeneration Equation R-(SO3)2Ca + 2NaCI  → R-(SO3Na)2 + CaCI2                       
R-(SO3)2Mg + 2NaCI → R-(SO3Na)2 + MgCI2
Types Top Mount Type, Side Mount Type
Operating Method Automatic, Manual
Model Name Flux Amount of
Used Material
Size Bore TYPE Material Quality
 CHPA-20050 1Ton/Hr 50ℓ 250φX1370H 20A (3/4") TOP FIBER GLASS
 CHPA-25050 2Ton/Hr 50ℓ 250φX1370H 25A (1") TOP FIBER GLASS
 CHPA-25100 2Ton/Hr 100ℓ 360φX1650H 25A (1") TOP FIBER GLASS
 CHPA-40100 3Ton/Hr 100ℓ 360φX1650H 40A (1 1/2") TOP FIBER GLASS
 CHPA-40150 4Ton/Hr 150ℓ 410φX1650H 40A (1 1/2") TOP FIBER GLASS
 CHPA-40200 5Ton/Hr 200ℓ 550φX1530H 40A (1 1/2") TOP FIBER GLASS
 CHPA-40250 5Ton/Hr 250ℓ 550φX1530H 40A (1 1/2") TOP FIBER GLASS
 CHPA-50200 6Ton/Hr 200ℓ 600φX1530H 50A (2") SIDE STS304
 CHPA-50250 6Ton/Hr 250ℓ 600φX1530H 50A (2") SIDE STS304
 CHPA-50300 6Ton/Hr 300ℓ 600φX1530H 50A (2") SIDE STS304
 CHPA-50350 7Ton/Hr 350ℓ 650φX1530H 50A (2") SIDE STS304
 CHPA-50400 8Ton/Hr 400ℓ 700φX1830H 50A (2") SIDE STS304
 CHPA-50450 9Ton/Hr 450ℓ 800φX1830H 50A (2") SIDE STS304
 CHPA-50500 10Ton/Hr 500ℓ 800φX1830H 50A (2") SIDE STS304
 CHPA-50550 10Ton/Hr 550ℓ 900φX1830H 50A (2") SIDE STS304
 CHPA-50600 10Ton/Hr 600ℓ 900φX1830H 50A (2") SIDE STS304
 CHPA-65500 15Ton/Hr 500ℓ 1000φX1830H 65A (2 1/2") SIDE STS304
 CHPA-65700 20Ton/Hr 700ℓ 1150φX1830H 65A (2 1/2") SIDE STS304
 CHPA-65850 25Ton/Hr 850ℓ 1240φX1830H 65A (2 1/2") SIDE STS304
 CHPA-801000 30Ton/Hr 1000ℓ 1400φX1830H 80A (3") SIDE STS304
 CHPA-801200 35Ton/Hr 1200ℓ 1460φX1830H 80A (3") SIDE STS304
 CHPA-801400 40Ton/Hr 1400ℓ 1600φX1830H 80A (3") SIDE STS304
 CHPA-1001600 45Ton/Hr 1600ℓ 1660φX1830H 100A (4") SIDE STS304
 CHPA-1001800 50Ton/Hr 1800ℓ 1800φX1870H 100A (4") SIDE STS304