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System of high purity water up to 5~18㏁·㎝ from a pre-treatment   filtering apparatus or a reverse osmosis purification apparatus

Ultrapure water for semiconductor industry
Pure and ultrapure water for pharmaceutical and bio- tech processes
Pure and ultrapure water for power plants and cogeneratin plants
Substitution for an existing deteriorated conventional ion exchanger   system
Any place where pure and ultrapure water systems are required.

Mixed Bed Deionizer
As an apparatus that mixes strongly acid cation exchanger and strongly alkaline exchanger in the same tower and makes the mixed result pass through raw water for high purity water, it regenerates cation exchanger with 5~10% Hcl and anion exchanger with 3~8% NaOH.
Two Bed Deionizer
It puts strongly acid cation exchanger and strongly alkaline exchanger in separate tanks and makes raw material pass through a cation tower and an anion tower for pure water. Its regeneration method is the same as that of the mixed bed deionizer.
Mixed Bed Polisher
In a non-generation type, cation exchanger and anion exchanger are mixed and put in a tower and raw water is made pass through the tower for high purity water. Regeneration is not necessary and in case of performance deterioration, the entire system is changed.
An apparatus producing high purity water by using ion exchange membrane, ion exchanger and electricity. DC becomes a driving force for removing ions from solution supplied to the system, and in this case, the ion exchanger is continuously regenerated. As a single-state system, it can remove 99% or more ions from solution with the conductivity of 4~30㎲/cm. If RO processed water with the conductivity of 4~1㎲/cm or less is used as solution,18㏁·cm can be reached.

1. Chemicals for the regeneration of ion exchanger is not required → Inhibiting the generation of waste water
2. It is not necessary to suspend the system suspension for the regeneration of ion exchanger → Continuous production available
3. Compact system does not need large installation space.
4. Constant water quality can be maintained.
5. It is easy to additionally install EDI on the existent water treatment system.
6. Simple system in which there is no recirculation of condensate water and the injection of salt water is not required.
7. Low installation cost
8. Low operation & maintenance expense