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It produces fresh water by removing dissolved materials dissolved in sea water.
Sea water occupies about 75% of earth surface and contained various kinds of salt. Salt in the ocean is 33-37g per 1ℓ, and among which about 85% is common salt (NaCl) which is not suitable for drinking water.

The density of sea water is 1.02 -1.03 and its pH is about 8.3. Therefore, when using sea water, a desalination process is required due to the corrosion of metals as organisms are attached thereto and the interruption of water flow for producing drinking water and industrial water, like cooling water or raw material water in the field of steel making, thermal power plant and chemical industry.

Applied Field
Islands (Dokdo, Ulreungdo, Baekryueongdo, Marado, etc.)
Ships, Submarines
Water Stress Nations (Middle East, Island Nations)
System Construction
Sea water intake equipment such as a sea water intake pump, a sea water storage tank, and a sea water transfer pump+ pre-treatment filtering equipment using a turbidity and activated carbon filtering apparatus and a precision filtering apparatus + sea water filtering equpment using a high pressure pump, a reverse osmosis membrane and a pressure vessel + fresh water processing equipment such as pH controlling and sterilizing apparatuses
Types of desalinated fresh water
Brackish type: Processes raw water of a sea water + underground water type. Use pressure is 25~35㎏/㎠
Desalinating type : Processes sea water only as raw water. Use pressure is 50~65㎏/㎠